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I have never owned a jumpsuit, since they never seem to fit me. I’m 5’2”, so most are too long, and I’m too lazy to tailor anything. I randomly found this in the dress section of Goodwill, and I really liked its muted minimal stripes. For a white secondhand garment, I was surprised by how spotless it was. I walked into the fitting room with very low expectations, since my experience with jumpsuits always ended the same. This time it was different, and the jumpsuit fit like a glove. 

Without shoes, the hem touched the ground, but it didn’t my swallow my feet. Everything about it was just so flattering. It has criss-cross straps that completely expose my back, and the high-waisted silhouette lifts and accentuates my butt. There are deep side pockets that can fit my phone, keys, and wallet. The vertical stripes even elongate my figure and make me look taller. The only thing I don’t like about this jumpsuit is how complicated it is to get in and out of it. If you know me, you know that I drink a A LOT of water and that I pee A LOT in result of that. It would be a bitch for me to wear this all day long, so I would only wear it to short outings.

+ Hoop Earrings | Claire’s

+ Jumpsuit | Forever 21 (Goodwill)

+ Heels | MRKT (hand-me-down)

Photography | Adam Redfield








These are the first Steve Madden’s I’ve ever owned and they are so sleek and sexy. It took me a while to find clear-heeled booties because most of them are too high. I’m all about comfort, which is why I always wear wedges and booties for nights out. They add height, but still allow me to walk and dance all night long. The ankle section of these boots are skintight, so I wouldn’t be able to tuck jeans underneath. Even then, I like its modern shape, since it makes me feel like some kind of superhero. 




At 25-years-old, I’ve finally gotten the memo on how to wash bras. My mama never told me not to put my bras in the dryer, so I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life. It took shredding my “everyday” bra and shrinking my sports bra, this month, to realize that. Bras are such delicate little garments, especially since they’re made from fine fabrics, like lace, silk, and satin. Although I rarely wear them, I like owning one, just in case. There are certain clothes and occasions where my pasties won’t do justice. After ruining the one padded bra I own, I bought this one from Poshmark. The velvet and deep jewel tone is what caught my eye, but this secondhand find is nowhere near perfect. It has a tiny hole that the seller conveniently failed to mention. Now that I’m going to start hang drying my bras, hopefully this one will last, even with its hole.




My boss bought a pair of Athleta leggings, and I was so amazed by how soft they were. For years, I’ve been wearing cheap Forever 21 leggings. I’m on my third black pair, since the $3.90 price tag definitely reflects the durability. These will last one to two years, before they start ripping and I’ll have to replace them again. When I felt my boss’ leggings, I was convinced to invest in a pair of higher quality ones that will last. I’m tired of constantly having to buy replacements, since it’s so bad for the environment. Black leggings are also the bottoms I wear most, so why shouldn’t I buy the very best? I was really excited when I saw these reversible Athleta ones on Poshmark. Athleta leggings are normally in the $100 price range, but I paid $15 for two-in-one. On one side, is a greyscale ombre and on the other, is a solid black. These are by far, the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever owned. I’ve only known Forever 21 leggings, and these are much smoother than any of them.




While writing my blog on Cheap Monday, I browsed what was left of their final collection and saw this skirt. I first saw this style, on Pinterest, and was searching everywhere for it! Most denim skirts have a rectangular silhouette, so I really liked this high-low cut. The Pinterest link led to Tumblr, so I had no idea what brand it was or if it was even available for purchase. It could have been a DIY, for all I know. When I saw this similar version on Asos, I couldn’t believe the odds. I discovered the pin, over a year ago, but had no luck finding the skirt. Now that I was shopping a brand that was closing down, I saw exactly what I wanted. It originally cost $89, but it was marked over 50% off.


Free Birdees

$26 (for employees only)

My work just launched a line of bamboo kids clothes in January, and our material is ultra soft. Our pajamas don’t come in my size, so I wanted to buy a blanket, since the hand-feel is so amazing. These are toddler blankets, but my boss made them 60” long to accommodate adults. Sometimes my legs get really itchy, at night, and no matter how much lotion I apply, it doesn’t help. Once I take off my pants and cover my legs with the blanket, it immediately soothes my skin. Bamboo is especially good for hot summer weather, since it’s so breathable. Our blankets come in 5 solid colors and 8 prints. I helped design these prints and select our colors, so you should check them out! We actually just released our second collection on Endangered Animals, so there are a lot of fresh products on our website.




I had an identical version of this, from Romwe, but I accidentally ripped it this month. I know I have a big ass head, but Romwe’s clothes run very small. Whenever I shop there, it’s either a hit or miss. I bought that sweatshirt over two years ago, in a medium, but it fit like an extra small. The neckline was really tight, so I’ve finally ripped it, while tugging it over my head. I’ve been wanting an upgrade, anyways, since the mesh was so stiff and itchy. This H&M one looks practically the same, but is much softer and stretchier.




I don’t know what it is about me and expensive black crop tops, but this is the second one I’ve bought this year. This one is a lot cheaper than the other one I got, but $30 is still out of my norm. Although I thrifted this on Poshmark, the resale value of Gymshark is barely lower than the retail price. According to the seller, this top was also brand new. I really wanted to try this brand, since I’ve been weightlifting for over two years and it’s very popular amongst weightlifters. I bought the top in a size small, but it fits more like an extra small. It’s stretchy, comfortable, and flattering and will be perfect for hiking and weightlifting. Because of the tight fit, I won’t be able to use it for high intensity workouts, though. Even if I raise my arms to do jumping jacks, the top would rise above my chest…






Eco Thrift


Several months ago, I had to toss out a similar pair of shoes because they were tearing apart. It was a shame, since the white was so easy to coordinate with. When I went to Eco Thrift, I saw several of this same style, but by different brands. I chose this pair, since they looked brand new, and I wear them almost every week, now.




I actually owned this exact same bra in a small, but I sold it because it was too tight. Even though I’m an A-cup in regular bras, I’ve learned that with sports bras, I have to size up. Otherwise, it’s just straight-up painful. The beauty of Poshmark is that I was able to sell my old one and buy a new one at a lower price. If you play your cards right, on Poshmark, you can save so much money.




I’ve been wanting to rearrange my bedroom for so long, but I’ve put it off for over a year. I have this old brown cabinet that I want to sell, but it stored so much of my papers and supplies. My temporary solution is to use small baskets to clear out the drawers. I browsed on Pinterest and on many home goods websites. I even went to Target and Marshalls, but the only look I liked was this metallic one. Spending over $30 on two baskets sounds ridiculous, but this price was surprisingly the norm. I’ve always had a thing for gold-wired baskets, and this one can fit A LOT of crap.




Every girl needs a basic cardigan that goes with everything, and I finally found mine. The charcoal matches with any color, and the material is so soft and comfortable. It has that special hand-feel that would make people want to cuddle with you.


Eco Thrift


This burnt orange dress will be perfect for the fall, especially with some knee-high boots. It gives a lot of coverage, but is very form-fitting. The tight silhouette really accentuates the curves and toosh. There’s also a caged cutout that’s supposed to be worn in front, but it looks just as good in the back, as well.




This body wash smells so, so good. It’s a blend of coconut, rice milk, and shea butter, and it feels so nourishing against my skin. One small dab goes a long way, so I think this large bottle will last a year, if not more. Method is known for its natural and cruelty-free cleaning supplies, like dish soap and detergent. It only just begun producing body washes, and for all the eco-friendly qualities that its products have, the prices are extremely reasonable.




For a Forever 21 duster, this fabric feels really smooth and luxurious. It’s almost like a baby version of suede. Although this is a piece of outerwear, it’s very lightweight and has room for very thick layers. Because it’s so thin, it will be a nice transition piece for spring, since the weather will be less chilly, but still slightly rainy and windy.




As a fashion graduate, I’m always coming up with new outfit in my head. Last year, I thrifted a mesh jersey, on Poshmark, and thought that it would pair best with a black tube top. Tube tops are such classic staple pieces, but I’ve never owned a simple solid one, like this. This is a versatile item that can be turned into so many different looks.


Eco Thrift


The last time I owned a skort was probably in elementary school. I’d choose a skort over a skirt, any day, but it’s unfortunately a rare find. Based on the stitching and lack of labels, this one was definitely homemade. Its vibrant shade of red is what caught my eye, and this alone, will make it a really fun piece to style.




These kicks were released in 2016, so the previous owner certainly put good wear into them. I was hesitant to buy them, at first, since the white had faded to beige. Even then, there are no prominent stains. Unless you held the shoes up to your face, you wouldn’t be able to tell that they are 3-years-old. These sneakers have the magic of making sweatpants look good, so I’m looking forward to wearing them on my lazy days.




I was contemplating on buying this bikini for Indonesia, last summer, but I regrettably chose not to. It quickly sold out, within a week, so I’ve been trying to find it on Poshmark, since. I finally saw a listing, this month, but the seller had a different sized top and bottom. I only bought the top, and I’m really loving its fit and color combination. Normally I don’t like color, but I’ve always had a soft spot for blush and mauve. Fingers crossed that I can somehow find the matching bottoms to this set.




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Nothing is more difficult to thrift than a good quality jacket. Tops? I have so many that I’ve created a selling/donations pile. Bottoms? I’ve collected all sorts, from skirts to shorts to jeans. Dresses? I always end up lugging an armful to the fitting room. Shoes? Your girl is an average size 7, so that’s never an issue.

Outerwear is a tricky category because the ones I see at thrift stores are often too big or too heavy. I want to stay warm, but I don’t want to be weighed down. Most of my coats and jackets are actually hand-me-downs because I can’t bring myself to splurge on them. I rarely find anything in my budget that’s worthwhile, and thrifting has proven to be a challenge.

It took me months, if not a year, to find a jacket, like this. I was infatuated with shearling after seeing my favorite YouTuber, Jenn Im, feature it on her channel. Her jacket is from a Korean brand, called K-styleme, which has unfortunately been discontinued. I got this similar version, from Poshmark, which practically looks the same. They both have biker collars, silver hardware, and all-over white shearling.

My jacket is by UNIF, which is an edgy streetwear label based in Los Angeles. It prides itself on scarcity and limited styles, and its outerwear sells from the mid to high $100 range. When I spotted this on Poshmark, it was already listed below $100, but I bargained it down to $60. The material was in mint condition, so the price was more than reasonable. Still, this is probably the most I’ve spent on a jacket because I’m the stingiest shopper, ever.

This fluffy piece has been with me since fall 2016, and it always keeps me warm and toasty in the winter. Whenever I wear it, I don’t even need to carry a bag because there are enough pockets for all of my essentials. It has two regular side pockets, two upper breast pockets, and a camouflaged bottom pocket that I failed to notice until last month. I like packing light, and this oversized jacket can hold my phone, wallet, keys, and lip balm. It allows me to be hands and hassle free, which I love.

+ Jacket | UNIF (Poshmark)

+ Crop Top | Forever 21

+ Leggings | Forever 21

+ Tote | Leonisa (MAGIC Trade Show)

+ Flats | Urban Outfitters

+ Earrings | Romwe

Photography | Adam Redfield