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Several months ago, I had to toss out a similar pair of shoes because they were tearing apart. It was a shame, since the white was so easy to coordinate with. When I went to Eco Thrift, I saw several of this same style, but by different brands. I chose this pair, since they looked brand new, and I wear them almost every week, now.




I actually owned this exact same bra in a small, but I sold it because it was too tight. Even though I’m an A-cup in regular bras, I’ve learned that with sports bras, I have to size up. Otherwise, it’s just straight-up painful. The beauty of Poshmark is that I was able to sell my old one and buy a new one at a lower price. If you play your cards right, on Poshmark, you can save so much money.




I’ve been wanting to rearrange my bedroom for so long, but I’ve put it off for over a year. I have this old brown cabinet that I want to sell, but it stored so much of my papers and supplies. My temporary solution is to use small baskets to clear out the drawers. I browsed on Pinterest and on many home goods websites. I even went to Target and Marshalls, but the only look I liked was this metallic one. Spending over $30 on two baskets sounds ridiculous, but this price was surprisingly the norm. I’ve always had a thing for gold-wired baskets, and this one can fit A LOT of crap.




Every girl needs a basic cardigan that goes with everything, and I finally found mine. The charcoal matches with any color, and the material is so soft and comfortable. It has that special hand-feel that would make people want to cuddle with you.


Eco Thrift


This burnt orange dress will be perfect for the fall, especially with some knee-high boots. It gives a lot of coverage, but is very form-fitting. The tight silhouette really accentuates the curves and toosh. There’s also a caged cutout that’s supposed to be worn in front, but it looks just as good in the back, as well.




This body wash smells so, so good. It’s a blend of coconut, rice milk, and shea butter, and it feels so nourishing against my skin. One small dab goes a long way, so I think this large bottle will last a year, if not more. Method is known for its natural and cruelty-free cleaning supplies, like dish soap and detergent. It only just begun producing body washes, and for all the eco-friendly qualities that its products have, the prices are extremely reasonable.




For a Forever 21 duster, this fabric feels really smooth and luxurious. It’s almost like a baby version of suede. Although this is a piece of outerwear, it’s very lightweight and has room for very thick layers. Because it’s so thin, it will be a nice transition piece for spring, since the weather will be less chilly, but still slightly rainy and windy.




As a fashion graduate, I’m always coming up with new outfit in my head. Last year, I thrifted a mesh jersey, on Poshmark, and thought that it would pair best with a black tube top. Tube tops are such classic staple pieces, but I’ve never owned a simple solid one, like this. This is a versatile item that can be turned into so many different looks.


Eco Thrift


The last time I owned a skort was probably in elementary school. I’d choose a skort over a skirt, any day, but it’s unfortunately a rare find. Based on the stitching and lack of labels, this one was definitely homemade. Its vibrant shade of red is what caught my eye, and this alone, will make it a really fun piece to style.




These kicks were released in 2016, so the previous owner certainly put good wear into them. I was hesitant to buy them, at first, since the white had faded to beige. Even then, there are no prominent stains. Unless you held the shoes up to your face, you wouldn’t be able to tell that they are 3-years-old. These sneakers have the magic of making sweatpants look good, so I’m looking forward to wearing them on my lazy days.




I was contemplating on buying this bikini for Indonesia, last summer, but I regrettably chose not to. It quickly sold out, within a week, so I’ve been trying to find it on Poshmark, since. I finally saw a listing, this month, but the seller had a different sized top and bottom. I only bought the top, and I’m really loving its fit and color combination. Normally I don’t like color, but I’ve always had a soft spot for blush and mauve. Fingers crossed that I can somehow find the matching bottoms to this set.





Now that it’s getting colder, it’s time to layer up. For my trip to New York I did a sweater-on-sweater look, and wore an oversized cardigan over my sweater dress. I usually pair sweater dresses with tights, but since it’s chillier on the East Coast, I opted for jeggings. Sweater weather also calls for soft and cozy textures, so this Abercrombie & Fitch cardigan is one of my fall staple pieces. I wanted to go for an effortless and comfortable look because New York always involves a lot of walking. What I love about this outfit is that it’s casual enough to wear out, but comfortable enough to sleep and lounge in. Every item, aside from the sneakers and beanie, were thrifted. I found the A&F cardigan at Goodwill, for less than $10, and the Urban Outfitters sweater dress at Philly Aids Thrift, for about $5. Now that the winter holidays are coming up, I’m hoping to thrift for more sweaters, especially ugly Christmas ones. 


+ Lipstick | MAC’s Paramount

+ Beanie | Zara Kids

+ Sweater Dress | Silence + Noise (Philly Aids Thrift)

+ Cardigan | Abercrombie & Fitch (Goodwill)

+ Jeggings | DL1961 (Buffalo Exchange)

+ Sneakers | Nike


Photography | Anand Patel + Dana Nguyen






You know that feeling when you see a killer garment that you can’t picture yourself wearing? Well thanks to thrift shopping, I slowly overcame that fear and now take way more fashion risks than I would have if I only shopped fast fashion or department stores. When shopping retail chains, I’m always more cautious with my spending and never want to splurge on any over-the-top garments. These tend to be out of my budget and then I get buyer’s remorse once they wind up lying in my closet for most of the year.

The perk of discovering one-of-a-kind items at thrift stores is that they are normally dirt cheap. I found these J. Marco bellbottoms at Goodwill for about $10, and knew that I couldn’t pass them up. I’ve never seen anything like them, and they are great conversation starters for special occasions. The hemline is so wide that I have to wear four-inch heels to keep myself from tripping, but I ain’t even mad. These pants have so much volume from all of the intricate pleating. It literally feels like I’m wearing a slinky with every step that I take.

Don’t be afraid to try new and daring looks. Fuck the rules, fuck the seasons and fuck the trends. Thrift shopping has helped me eliminate all of the "fashion rules." Ever since I started shopping secondhand, I don’t always shop for practical clothes anymore. Sometimes I come across garments, like these, that are so rare, they basically become a collector’s item to me. I think that’s the art of shopping at thrift, consignment and antique stores. There’s always a plethora of interesting finds, so you can discover unique, vintage and designer garments at incredible prices. It won’t hurt your bank account, and you’ll be one of the few, if not the only person, to own such garments.


Lipstick | MAC's Black Knight

Sunglasses | Forever 21

Hoop Earrings | Forever 21

Choker | Forever 21

Crop Top | Boohoo

Trousers | J. Marco (Goodwill)

+ Booties | Forever 21


Photography | Roberto Salmon






Within the four years I lived in Philly, Buffalo Exchange and Philly Aids Thrift were the only two stores that I would thrift shop at. It’s sad how in a bustling city, the only true thrift store I knew of was Philly Aids. Other than that, I would occasionally thrift shop at Phila Flea Markets. Every other option was a consignment store, that preselected and overpriced top name brands and trends. For this look, the sheer cover-up is one of the many items that I bought from Philly Aids. What I love about this store is not only its cheap prices and frequent sales, but also the fact that my money is going toward a good cause. A portion of its proceeds is donated to local organizations that help fight against HIV/AIDS. Because it takes in every donation, shopping there takes more digging and sorting to go through, but, for me, that process is always my favorite part.


+ Necklace | hand-crafted

+ Glasses | Borough Market

+ Dress | Stylenanda (dumpster dived)

+ Cover-Up | Urban Outfitters (Philly Aids Thrift)

+ Skirt | Goodwill

+ Shoes | Forever 21 (hand-me-down)


Photography | LB Photograhy





Everyone’s got to love a basic white tee. Sometimes you’re feeling lazy, but you still want to look decent, so that’s what they’re there for. I truly think that thrift stores are the best places to shop for basics, like tank tops and t-shirts. There’s no point in spending over $5 for something so simple. My favorite is when I find a basic with unique details, like this Very J t-shirt that I got from Buffalo Exchange. The neckline and seams are lined with black leather, which gives it an edgy touch.

Other summer basics that I have been relying on are my reflective sunglasses, black high-wasted shorts and Birkenstocks. What I love about each of these items is how comfortable they are and how they easily match with anything. Basically everything I’m wearing was thrifted, aside from my necklace. With thrift shopping, you’ll never know what you’ll find, but basics are the number one things that any thrift store will have. Purchasing basics secondhand and investing more money on special, brand new pieces will definitely be worth your while.


+ Lipstick | MAC’s Rebel

+ Sunglasses | Buffalo Exchange

+ Necklace | Forever 21

+ T-shirt | Very J (Buffalo Exchange)

+ Shorts | Ci Sono (Goodwill)

+ Sandals | Birkenstock (Poshmark)

+ Satchel | Laney Flea Market


Photography | LB Photography





My favorite part about this outfit is that it was basically free! Everything aside from my accessories was throwaway items that I either found or inherited. Move out season is what I look forward to at the end of the school year. This is the time when people are forced to start cleaning their closets. My friends had so many bags of clothes that I got to rummage through, so I snatched a lot of great finds. The high-low dress and booties I’m wearing are both garments that I inherited from my friend. The slip underneath is a dress that I found in the trash room of my old apartment. People throw away so much good shit at the end of the year; you just need to look for them.

After searching through my friends’ piles of donations, I added over 10 new clothing items to my closet. This further emphasized how shopping for brand new clothes is so unnecessary for my lifestyle. Most people find digging through people’s old clothes disgusting, time-consuming, or just plain awkward. I don’t see what’s the harm in asking though because I always walk away with good labels at absolutely no cost. This saves my wallet so much money, while still updating my wardrobe. Between picking through people’s “trash” and thrift shopping, I’ll have enough clothes to last me a lifetime. 


+ Lipstick | MAC’s Paramount

+ Sunglasses | Buffalo Exchange

+ Necklace | Forever 21

+ Dress | H&M (hand-me-down)

+ Slip | Stylenanda (dumpster dived)

+ Shoes | Forever 21 (hand-me-down)


Photography | LB Photography





Dead week is over, but finals are just around the corner. This calls for more coffee, study sessions and all-nighters. I know that most people tend to let everything go during finals week. I’ve been there before too. The typical dress code for finals is no make-up, updos and sweatpants. The thing is, you can still be comfortable and look presentable. After all, when you look good, you feel good, and this usually results to doing good. Here is an alternative way to get through finals week without the sweatpants.

Tights and leggings are just as comfortable as sweatpants, but are more formfitting. These are my go-to when I have long classes and study sessions to sit through. Warm, soft and fuzzy sweaters are other comfort pieces worth investing in. The loose fit is my secret weapon for hiding the food baby I’ve formed from my terrible finals week diet. The cardigan I‘m wearing is my new favorite sweater, since it’s basically like a fuzzy blanket. The slouchy boots are another one of my staple pieces, and beforehand, I never knew that boots could be this comfortable. I bought these for just $2.50 at Salvation Army, and they have been with me since high school.

Comfort and confidence should go hand-in-hand. You should never have to compromise style for comfort, or vice versa. Even if you feel like shit from eating fast food, staying caffeinated and getting no sleep, you can always disguise it with the way you present yourself. 


+ Cardigan | Abercrombie & Fitch (Goodwill)

+ Turtleneck | Ashley Hill (hand-me-down)

+ Leggings | Forever 21

+ Boots | Merona (Salvation Army)


Photography | Dana Nguyen + Anand Patel





Living on a college campus is great for dumpster diving once the school year ends. I have no shame in snatching up free things that other people don't want. Last year I literally found a paper bag full of trendy clothes from brands, like Nasty Gal, Topshop and Zara. It was just lying in my apartment’s trash room, so I ended up with 10 new clothing items that day. In that bag was the black romper that I’m wearing underneath my skirt. This is a backless romper by the British label, Glamorous. It has a caged back that reminds me of the lingerie and sportswear company, Chromat.

The other “trash” item that I’m wearing is my MRKT heels from DSW. These are a pair of shoes that I found lying in my trashcan. Throughout college I’ve been blessed with roommates who give me the clothes that they don’t want. One of my old roommates tends to do a lot of closet cleaning, so I would occasionally come home and see cute stuff in our trashcan. These are the perfect shoes for any occasion, and my favorite part is how comfortable they are. The neutral color matches with anything, and it works with both casual and formal outfits.


Lipstick | MAC’s Hang-Up

Cardigan | Forever 21

Romper | Glamorous (dumpster dived)

Skirt | Wilster (Marshalls)

Heels | MRKT (hand-me-down)

Choker | Amazon

Statement Necklace | Forever 21


Photography | Anand Patel





Before | After

Last week I stumbled across i-D magazine’s video on the tattoo artist, Grace Neutral. Neutral has a series of body modifications, including purple eyes, elf ears and a forked tongue. Although I would never go as far as getting plastic surgery or being decked out in tattoos from head-to-toe, Neutral made a point that really resonated with me:

“Just imagine, if everyone was themselves, how different everyone would be, and how refreshing it would be to walk out the door everyday, and the people that you would meet, no one would be scared…When you’re 100% yourself, I think you’re as beautiful as you can be.” 

After watching this video, I immediately got a “fuck the world” mentality. I knew that I had to start checking off everything I’ve been putting off just because of what other people would think. One of those things was this haircut. I’ve been waiting to get the Skrillex cut for years, but always had second-guesses on whether the style would compliment my face. 

My orange hair has also been bothering me, so I thought this was a great opportunity to dye it a pastel color. Silver was on my list of colors to try, since I love the idea of having a gradient from black to grey.

I ended up getting my hair done in Chinatown, since the prices are so much cheaper there. I went to Kevin’s Beauty Salon, which my boyfriend recommended. 6 cups of bleach and 4.5 hours later, my hair was finally done. Even though the result clearly wasn’t perfect, this was the happiest I’ve ever been with a new color. My hair isn’t fried or falling out, and aside from the blond lining, the rest of the color is really even. I couldn't have thought of a better way to start off Chinese New Year!


+ Lipstick | MAC's Black Night

+ Necklace | Forever 21

+ Threader Earrings | Forever 21

+ Hoop Earrings | Asian jewelry shop

+ Stud Earrings | Brandy Melville


Photography | Anand Patel





Last week we experienced our first snowstorm of the year in Philly. With 2.5 feet of snow, the city was like a ghost town, but that didn’t stop us from venturing outside to see the beautiful view. Because of this blizzard I really had to bundle up, and to stay dry I wore a new trench coach I bought over winter break. This Martin + Osa coat was in mint condition, and I got it for $13.99 at a Goodwill from my hometown in California. Some other thrift finds I’m wearing are a pair of DL1961 jeggings from Buffalo Exchange and Dr. Marten combat boots from Wasteland. Each was just $18. Although I’m not in thrifted finds from head-to-toe, everything else I’m wearing was still a bargain at a discounted price.


Lipstick | MAC’s Paramount

Beanie | Banana Republic Factory

Turtleneck | Zara

Trench Coat | Martin + Osa (Goodwill)

Gloves | Isotoner

Jeggings | DL1961 (Buffalo Exchange)

Combats Boots | Dr. Martens (Wasteland)


Photography | Anand Patel