july 4th



For Fourth of July weekend I crossed having an East Coast beach day off of my bucket list. My friends and I drove from Philadelphia to New Jersey to spend the day at Wildwood Beach. Let’s be real, the beach was not nearly as nice as West Coast ones, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. We sipped on fruity alcohol and splashed through the waves before strolling down the boardwalk. Everything about the trip felt effortless, and it was relaxing just to escape the city and be lazy beach bums for a day. 

My ultimate goal whenever I go to the beach is to pack light. This is one of the few places where you have an excuse to basically be naked in public. I wanted to take full advantage of that, and I also wanted to be as comfortable as possible for the long car ride. I decided on a lightweight halter dress that was very loose and flowy. This is yet another dumpster find that I snagged, and it’s an Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue dress. Everything else I’m wearing is also secondhand, aside from my Zinke bikini, which I bought from an online Australian retailer.


Sunglasses | Buffalo Exchange

Earrings | Laney Flea Market

Dress | Urban Outfitters (dumpster dived)

Bikini | Zinke


Photography | Dana Nguyen + Alex Yang