interior design


One’s private space is a strong reflection of their style, interest, and personality. From looking through my room, you could probably tell that I have a thing for skulls, candles, and photography. With so many white walls, I wanted to fill up the blank spaces as much as possible. Most of the décor in my room were produced for art projects, like the canvases, photography, and wooden sculpture. Some people may find my apartment’s awkward storage space and industrial walls off-putting, but that’s what I love about it. I had so many tiny pictures and knick-knacks to make use of the space, and I feel like the cement and metal walls add more character.

This was by far my favorite place that I’ve lived in throughout my college career. I’m going to miss falling asleep and waking up to the beautiful view of Philadelphia skylines. The city view, rooftop pool, and elevated park made living here so worthwhile. Having evo Philly as my second home was definitely a great way to end my senior year.


Photography | Dana Nguyen