beauty haul







This basic bra was selling for $28, but I luckily found it, on Poshmark, for a third of that price. I never see this black on black version and was very excited when I saw it. I’m used to seeing the ones, with white elastic bands, circulating the internet. With my wardrobe, the more black, the better, so this was an easy selection. Although it’s a bralette, this won’t stop be from wearing it out, with a sheer top or set of overalls.





I got this soap bar as a free sample with my purchase. For the past month, I have been taking a break from body wash, to use it. I have had LUSH samples, before, but not in this generous amount. The employees cut me a chunk of soap that has lasted me, weeks. I was never a big lavender lover, but this has a very settle and soothing scent. It may not have a creamy, hydrating formula, but it gets the job done. Most organic, hand-made products lack that nourishing lather that many of us are accustomed to. This is a likely compromise if you want something healthier for the environment and your skin.





Having dry lips is such an irritating feeling, so I can not leave the house without chapstick. I was running low on lip balm, and I wanted to try this skull-shaped one I saw on Facebook. Its packaging really reflects my style, since I am obsessed with skulls and the color, black. I got the three-pack, which comes with a mint, vanilla, and passion fruit flavor. They all smell good, but passion fruit was, by far, the most unique and refreshing scent. This set will probably last an entire year, and I can even use it as home decor, once the lip balm runs out.





I have been looking for a classic black bodysuit for so long. There are many different variations, so it was hard for me to find this exact silhouette, at an affordable price. This is actually a bathing suit, but I will mainly be wearing it as a bodysuit. It has a deep, low-cut back, along with plunged armholes that reveal a little side boob. This piece is very versatile, and I can’t wait to pair it with different styles, like maxi skirts or high-waisted denim shorts.



Neiman Marcus

$17 (Travel Size)

Now that I'm blond, I wash my hair every two days, instead of every other day. The bleach has dried it up, which makes the shampooing and brushing process really tedious. The only time I ever tried dry shampoo was when I was in middle or high school. Not only did I use a cheap Walmart brand, but I did not apply it properly, either. This defeated its purpose and made my hair even greasier than before. I heard about R+Co’s dry shampoo from my favorite YouTuber, Jenn Im. She raved about how it absorbs oil really well and does not leave any white powdery casts. This review, along with the bottle’s beautiful packaging, convinced me to give dry shampoo a second chance. So far, I have used it, once, on day two hair. The formula removed any sign of oiliness and kept my scalp itch-free. Normally, my head gets really itchy, at this point, but the spray prevented any usual discomfort and irritation.





I like Doc Marten’s infamous platforms, but certainly not its price point. I have always wanted shoes that resemble Creepers, so this cheap, toned down pair will do. They add extra height with zero ounces of pain and match nearly any outfit.





I have had the same beach towel for six years, so it was time for an upgrade. Spending $30 on a towel may sound crazy, but I put that shit into good use. Summer calls for more poolsides, beaches, and traveling. I saw this while Googling “beach towel graphics,” for work, and was in awe. I love its color palette, marble textures, and geometric shapes. I have always had a radar on Society6, but was overwhelmed by its endless pages of graphics. The website has a plethora of unique prints by independent artists. Anyone can create an account and upload their work. Their designs can then be printed onto anything, from mugs and posters to bedding and cell phone covers. This is a great way to discover new art and to support talented people.





I had a black pair of flats, just like these, but they were entirely ruined by sand and water. My boyfriend has this habit of taking me places at short notice. This leaves me poorly dressed for the occasion, and for this particular incident, he had us rock climbing along the beach. We live a bridge apart from each other, so if he doesn’t tell me what we’re doing over the weekend, I can’t just go home and grab different clothes. Suede lace-up flats are definitely not ideal for the beach, but at least I found a brown version, at Goodwill. This saved me from spending another $30 on the original GAP ones.





My boss went on a business trip to Shanghai and brought me back this soft, fuzzy eye mask. This has been on my shopping list, for a while, but all of the ones I liked were unavailable. I normally use these when I’m waken up by early lawnmowers or garbage trucks, throughout the week. Once I wake up during daylight, even at 6 or 7am, I have trouble falling back asleep. I’m super sensitive to light and sound, and the blinds in my bedroom are also broken. This mask has saved me a lot of sleep, and it will be very useful for traveling, as well.




$24.99 (2-Pack)

For two years I had been using a large Voss bottle as my refillable water bottle. It worked, but the glass was very clunky and fragile. My brother bought us these 40 oz hydro flasks, since Cosco was selling two for $24.99. I drink a lot of water and would drink one to two refills of the Voss container, a day. My new flask is nearly double its size, so this encourages me to drink even more water than usual. I have never owned a stainless steal bottle, so it’s also been a luxury having long lasting cold water.





September Haul.jpg





These velvet leggings are the softest pants I own. Not only is it stretchy and comfortable, but its tight fit is also very flattering. The Christmas pattern creates an optical illusion, and makes my booty look curvier, which I ain’t complaining about. I appreciate how the pattern speaks for itself and doesn’t go overboard with typical Holiday colors.





This was a long-awaited wish list item that luckily cost me nothing. Ever since I saw Off-White’s distressed sweatshirt, I’ve been looking for an affordable one that resembles it. I found a similar version, on Poshmark, and exchanged it with one of my bodysuits. I’m really into distressed clothes, and this will definitely be one of my go-to for lazy days. It’s effortless and comfy, but still makes a statement.





A body chain is the perfect piece to spruce up any simple outfit, like a t-shirt and jeans combo. I wear it over plain tops and dresses, whenever I want to add some more edge. Since it’s so delicate and minimal, it can be layered with other necklaces, as well.





I found this bodysuit, brand new, at Goodwill. The neckline is more low-cut than pictured, but the straps prevent nip slips, while creating a sexy caged effect. Because this piece is so daring, I save it for nights out at a bar, club, or party. 





I’ve been in the market for a good exfoliator, and this product was on my radar for quite some time. I’m a big fan of LUSH because of its ethically-made products and environmentally friendly packaging. I also like the brand's overall aesthetic and quality. Due to my oily skin, this charcoal-infused product helps reduce my oil. I use this, once a week, to deep clean my face and to remove dead skin cells on areas prone to ingrown hair.





My daily beauty routine consists of a cleanser, day cream, and night cream. Like all my other face products, this set is also designed for oily skin. | instantly liked this cleanser more than my previous Botanics one, since the foam has more moisture. This makes it much easier to spread and lather. I enjoy the floral scent of the cleanser and day cream, but the night cream smells like Chanel fragrances, which I’m not a fan of. Once I let the cream sink in, the smell isn’t as powerful, though. So far, I like the cleanser, but I’m still unsure about the face creams. I’ve only used them for two weeks, so I wonder if the Fall weather is drying up my skin, or if the creams extract oil, more than they moisturize.