As I was looking through my closet for Halloween ideas, I saw this babydoll dress that reminded me of Ariana Grande. I thrifted it at Goodwill, last year, but still haven’t had the chance to wear it. With this dress, I already completed half of my costume, so it was the perfect piece to build on.

There are certain elements that define Ariana’s signature style. Aside from babydoll dresses, chokers, over-the-knee boots, and sky-high ponytails are also her trademark. Her Dangerous Woman look resonates with me most, since it’s so dark and sultry. For my costume, I wanted to recreate that album cover.

The most iconic part of the cover was definitely her latex bunny mask. Wearing skintight fabric over my head sounded extremely uncomfortable, so I chose this lace one for more breathability. I thought the veil was more fitting for Halloween, and it could also be tucked back if needed. 

Although I do own over-the-knee boots, I opted for these booties, since they elongate my legs more. My over-the-knee boots are flat, whereas these platforms are 2.75” tall.

The choker was the most difficult item to find, since most of the faux diamond chokers I saw were really tacky. Ariana wore a chunky diamond necklace that I would imagine Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn wearing. I wanted to emulate that classic Hollywood glam, but anything similar was completely out of my budget. Instead, I thrifted this BaubleBar choker for $8 on Poshmark.

For the final touch, I tried my best to do her high ponytail, but it was such a struggle. Doing hair isn’t my forte, even with a simple ponytail, like this. I spent around 30 minutes retying my hair and it still drooped to a regular ass ponytail. My goal is to perfect her hairstyle by Halloween.

This was a fairly easy costume to put together, since most of the garments were things that the average American girl wears. Chokers, stockings and black boots are staple pieces that many of us have. Tying a ponytail is also priceless. If you decide to be Ariana for Halloween, then you’re probably already halfway there.

+ Lipstick | MAC’s Black Knight

+ Mask | Amazon

+ Choker | BaubleBar (Poshmark)

+ Dress | Goodwill

+ Stockings | Romwe

+ Booties | Steve Madden (Poshmark)

Photography | Adam Redfield