+ Dana Nguyen
+ Fashion graduate
+ Drexel University '16
+ Bay Area | California
+ Born and raised a thrift shopper

Growing up in a family of Vietnamese immigrants, we didn't have a lot of money, so back-to-school shopping meant thrift shopping. My mom was a savvy thrift shopper and almost everything in our home was second-hand. She would always shop smart, but stylish. Our dish ware, our decor, and even our furniture was thrifted. Even though I didn't own that many brand new things, I enjoyed the process of digging through piles and racks of junk with the thought of finding something unique. Garage sales, flea markets and Goodwill were all of the places my mom would take me, and I'd say that at least 80% of my closet is thrifted.

Although my mom is no longer with me, I wear her ring every single day. My mom bought this silver and gold wire ring for only 25 cents at our favorite flea market. It's something so cheap and so simple, but to me, it's the most valuable thing she left behind. This ring symbolizes the love we share for thrift shopping, and wearing it brings a little piece of her with me everywhere I go. 

Born to Thrift is a fashion blog dedicated to the thrift shopping journey that my mom began. Follow me as I continue our journey.